Authorized by Friends of Ahmed, Treasurer David W.Whyte

Monday, December 7, 2009

The $ 700 Billion Man

On December 6th, I took it little easy all day and started my day by reading the newspaper and found an amazing article about Neel Kashakari (who served as a Deputy to Treasury Secretary in 2008 under President Bush's Administration). A week ago, I thought of him and was wondering what he is up to these days.

My experiences in Community Service/Organizing & Public Serving (Politics) are similar to Neel's. Although, he had a very quick assignment in Government due to his relationship with Henry Paulson. I had to start from scratch and pretty much made it to the top in community organizations & still working my way up to be elected (someday). One lesson, I learned early on should get out after sometime from these organizations to get a break and go back to corporate world and/or business. This gives you a fresh perspective and one could be more effective. I personally do not favor or like Executives and or leaders holding on positions for decades. In my view, it does not help the organizations and/or businesses. One needs to reinvent and I am pretty sure Neel Kashkari will be back and may do some exciting stuff in the corporate world or in Government.