Authorized by Friends of Ahmed, Treasurer David W.Whyte

Friday, October 1, 2010

Brotherly Appreciation

I want to thank several hundred voters who voted early at Bowie Library & on Election Day at Woodmoore Elementary School. Shukoor Ahmed is my oldest brother and has been an inspiration to our whole family and did the right thing at every important juncture. He certainly has inspired over 100 volunteers on the importance of giving it back to the community.

We ran a wonderful campaign without any political support from the leadership. While campaigning, he helped many entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, citizens and candidates. He developed which allowed citizens to make their own ballots vs ballots designed by candidates. He also helped two young men Edward Burroughs & David Murray to run for School Board.

One of the most impressive aspects of his campaign was the frugality and efficiency of the campaign. He raised about $ 56,000 and I was instrumental in raising $ 34,000 and he did not want to waste hard earned money of his supporters. As a businessman, he had helped many of his friends, employees and customers in numerous ways. There was an outpouring of money and he felt that a race for House of Delegates can be won by $ 25,000.

Two days after elections he asked me return the money of those contributors and I realized that we needed individuals like Shukoor Ahmed at all levels of government who would do their best to maximize return on our tax dollars and take every opportunity to help citizens.

Hadi Ahmed
Columbia, Maryland

Ahmed Says Thanks

I want to congratulate Delegate James Hubbard and Councilwoman Geraldine Valentino-Smith for winning the confidence of the voters in District 23A.

I want to thank those who believed in me in spite of having no support from the political establishment, newspapers or interest groups. It was overwhelming to work with so many barriers/ceilings. To my volunteers, I thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made, braving the hot days of summer to knock on doors, working your hearts out. I wish that I could have brought this race home for you.
To the citizens of our district, I want to thank you for giving me a chance. Over the past several months, I have visited your homes, visited your churches, and heard your stories. I have met some of you at my ‘Meet & Greet’ events. I have been listening to your struggles, issues and challenges. I was able to help some of you in my current capacity and I will continue to serve my community. You can always contact me via my personal cell phone or email. I was a candidate for Maryland's House of Delegates, but today I remain her servant!

Shukoor Ahmed

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Early Voting in District 23A

As of yesterday, 1004 Democrats voted in District 23A. Ahmed for House of Delegates is the most visible team at Bowie Library. You can also request Absentee ballot from Maryland Board of Elections website by close of business today.

Here is the breakdown of voters in District 23A:

Precinct People

Precinct 07-001 142
Precinct 07-002 40
Precinct 07-003 54
Precinct 07-004 48
Precinct 07-005 73
Precinct 07-013 61
Precinct 10-006 19
Precinct 10-007 7
Precinct 10-008 3
Precinct 10-010 8
Precinct 10-011 7
Precinct 14-001 64
Precinct 14-002 17
Precinct 14-003 48
Precinct 14-004 50
Precinct 14-005 99
Precinct 14-006 35
Precinct 14-007 34
Precinct 14-009 46
Precinct 14-010 58
Precinct 14-011 43
Precinct 20-004 12
Precinct 20-008 15
Precinct 20-009 21

Total 1,004

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahmed Impressive

Letter written in support of Shukoor Ahmed for State Delegate

I met Shukoor Ahmed about six weeks ago when he came to my home and introduced himself as a candidate for the House of Delegates. I found him to be very impressive and personable. I feel that I am a good judge of character and he really made an impact on me. He looked me directly in the eye and was very concerned about the issues that I was most passionate about, such as the current state of affairs, unemployment, housing market, and increased criminal activity rate in Prince George's County. Since then, I've been in contact with him and following his campaign.

I am convinced that Shukoor loves this district and county and is passionate about serving its citizens and will be a great state delegate. We need more people with his passion and drive to serve. I believe that Prince George's County would be well served with his technological background and problem-solving skills. I am voting for him. A win for Shukoor Ahmed will be a win for all of our district, county and state.



More About Ahmed

Letter Written in support of Shukoor Ahmed for State Delegate

I met Shukoor Ahmed years ago while he was campaigning in Lanham and have been following him ever since. I've found that he has a moderate stand on most of the issues. His views seem to be in sync with most of us who live in this county. He has consistently supported parental choice in public schools, supported the ICC, and supported finding new revenues for education. I, as a businessman, trust him to be a good custodian of our taxes. As an executive of a small business in an economy which is heavily technology and innovation driven, Shukoor would be an ideal delegate who would bring new ideas and better solutions to Annapolis. We've had a lot of people who have been in office for years and have lost touch with the public. Now is the time to elect an "outsider," someone who has not held an elected office before, someone like you and me, who can understand our needs and relate to us.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hungry? Want to get to know Shukoor?

Shukoor is hosting a series of Meet and Greet (and eat!)s in the next couple of weeks.  There are facebook events profiling them, listed with each location below:

Breakfast at 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
15470 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD 20715
(301) 464-4550

August 23
August 30
September 6

Panera Bread at 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
10531 Martin Luther King Drive, Bowie, MD 20720
(301) 352-3673

August 24
August 31
September 7

Lunch at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
TJ Elliotts
6814 Laurel Bowie Road, Bowie, MD 20715
(301) 262-6282

August 25
September 1
September 8

Coffee at 5:00 PM to 6 PM
13600 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 362-1813

August 23
August 30
September 6

RSVP at or Text at 301 219 0923
24 Hours before the schedule event
If you can't make it to any of these events, we could schedule a meeting with an individual or a group at my office and/or any location convenient to you.

We hope to see you there!


An interview with Shukoor and Yours Truly's own Kate Kaye interviewed Shukoor and I on the use of social media in Shukoor's campaign. The article is a great read, and there's even a picture of Shukoor and myself towards the bottom. Check it out!


Monday, August 16, 2010

More Praise from the Blade

Another letter to the editor in support of Shukoor, as seen in the Bowie Blade and at
Check it out!

"Praise for Ahmed
I met with Shukoor Ahmed when he first ran for Maryland House of Delegates in 1998. Being fiscally conservative and socially moderate, I was very impressed with his views on many issues. We have always had either very liberal or very conservative representation in Annapolis for many years.
His experiences are very vast from being a travel agent to a CEO of a small company which was ranked No. 1 Fastest Growing Company by Deloitte in 2007 prepared him well to represent us in Annapolis. He is by nature a problem solver and looks at challenges as an opportunity.
It will be refreshing to see a delegate from our district in Annapolis who is not deeply aligned with special interests and political bosses. I urge you to Google "Shukoor" and learn about his candidacy and vote for him as one of our delegates.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Shukoor Video!

Hi all,

A new video of an interview that really helps you get to know Shukoor! check it out here:


Friday, August 6, 2010

Praise for Ahmed (8/5/10)

Another Letter to the Editor in support of Shukoor! From this weeks Bowie Blade:

Praise for Ahmed

I have never written to any newspaper editorial page before but there is something I must say. Until recently, Shukoor Ahmed was just a strange name on a sign for a candidate running for state delegate. Several months ago I got to know Shukoor at the Bowie Incubator meeting and invited him and others to a technology workshop I was having for candidates running for office. Shukoor arrived, listened to my pitch on how technology could help campaigns, and then stayed to share many areas of his technological expertise with me.
While I was struggling with marketing, financing, staffing, etc., it was refreshing to speak with someone who knew my struggles. Next, he invited me to have breakfast where he continued to divulge his experience, which I absorbed like a sponge. This vast wealth of knowledge was being bestowed at no cost but just because he wanted to see others succeed in their endeavors.
For the past several weeks, he has continued to help me and my company by introducing me to several of his contacts, which have proven beneficial, as well as inviting me to business networking groups, forums and other events; all this while never once asking a thing from me.
Shukoor truly understands what it takes for a small business owner, like me, struggling to survive and grow during these economically depressing times.
I urge you to take the time to learn who Shukoor Ahmed is and what he represents. He has done a lot for me and I am confident you will find him to be a candidate who is different, like his name, and needed in the state legislature during these difficult times.

We at the Shukoor campaign really appreciate words of support like this.

Remember: You can ask Shukoor questions at!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing "Ask Shukoor!"

Happy Monday!

We're thrilled to introduce a new feature for the campaign: "Ask Shukoor". It's pretty simple, actually! You send us a question via email at, and we'll post Shukoor's video response! Links to responses will be posted here, as well as on our facebook fan page (

So lets get it started! Start sending your questions to, and we'll be answering as soon as we can.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Appreciates Ahmed

Dear Citizen,

This was another letter written by an informed citizen in Bowie.


I contacted all the District 23A candidates vying for Gerron Levi's seat regarding an issue of importance to me.

Only one, Shukoor Ahmed, offered to sit down for a chat. The venue was breakfast at IHOP; the agenda a myriad of topics affecting Bowie.

Mr. Ahmed was a good listener and asked pointed questions. Most impressive was his view of what a delegate's role in Annapolis should be.

You would do well to include Shukoor in your ballot deliberations.



Final Maryland Twitter Rule Omits Archiving Requirements

Dear Citizen,

I was interviewed by Kate Kaye last week about new social media disclosure rules for candidates in Maryland.

I am the only candidate who is maximizing the use of social media to connect, engage, inform and empower citizens in Prince George's county.

Thank you and enjoy this article.


Social media and online ad disclosure rules for Maryland political candidates officially passed July 20. The final law, however, omits an item in earlier versions that would have required candidates to maintain a detailed log of text messages and social media posts. Still, Maryland's director of candidate and campaign finance suggested that candidates will need to store copies of all online communications anyway.

In June, the state's Board of Elections unanimously passed rules that require political campaigns to include a disclosure statement on Facebook profile pages, Twitter account pages, and display ads, but not in Google AdWords and AdSense text units or Facebook's display units. The statement, known as an authority line, features standard language indicating an association with an election campaign. The ruling was passed as an emergency regulation because 2010 election campaigns - some of which will use social media and online advertising - are kicking into gear.

But a final hurdle had yet to be crossed. Maryland State Delegate Mike Smigiel, who is running for re-election this year, called for a public hearing to discuss the rules before final approval. Concerned that the new social media rules could have detrimental results, Smigiel voted against them during the July 20 hearing. He was the lone "nay" in the 11-1 passage of the law. The rule's proponents were backed by representatives of Google, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo who were present when the rule was first passed as well as at the final July 20 vote.

The final law leaves out a passage that would have required candidate campaigns to keep a detailed archive of their online campaign materials, stored in paper or a non-rewriteable electronic format for at least a year. Now, according to Jared DeMarinis, Maryland's director of candidate and campaign finance, candidates don't have to keep a log of web communiques like Facebook posts or e-mails, but, in accordance with a pre-existing rule applying to traditional media, they will have to make sure those online communications are stored somewhere.

"There is [already] a provision that requires archiving campaign materials for one year," said DeMarinis, suggesting campaigns "print out copies."

The rules go into effect August 3. The goal of the legislation is to ensure that voters can tell the difference between an official campaign message and a phony one. One concern is that political campaigns could create false social media accounts associated with opponents and use them to convey damaging information about them. However, supporters of opponents could do the same and not be in violation of the law.

Shukoor Ahmed's Twitter page does not include the authority line that will be required August 3 either. The Democratic primary candidate for Maryland's District 23A House of Delegates seat (pictured above) is working on incorporating authority lines into his online communications, such as his YouTube videos. Yet, because he uses his personal Twitter account for his campaign communications, he's not sure if or how he will incorporate the authority line.

"I'm not sure how the rules are going to play out," Ahmed told ClickZ News. He believes most Maryland election candidates "were not engaged" in discussions about the rules. "Candidates and people like me will have difficulties to really put our arms around the social media part," he said, noting concern that messages or videos he posts could be reposted by supporters without the authority line.

DeMarinis affirmed that anything posted by supporters will not require the authority line because their communications are considered free speech. He also noted that campaign videos posted online are required to include the authority line disclosure in the video content itself.

Ahmed Will Move County Forward

Dear Citizen,

This was a letter written by a former Prince George's County School System Administator who resides in Bowie.

Thank you & Have a good weekend


I wholeheartedly endorse the election of Shukoor Ahmed to serve as a state delegate in District 23A. I have worked closely with him in trying to protect and safeguard not only the rights of people in his district but throughout the county.

As a small business owner, I can tell you of the countless hours he has spent pouring over data, analyzing situations and agonizing over budgets. He understands the plight of the small business owner, but more than that, he has empathy for those who have lost their jobs, as he recalls his own anguish in having to reduce his staff. Shukoor has a genuine concern for people, and he views each situation as a challenge and rises to meet the challenge.

We all know that these are challenging times, and so, more than ever before, we need Shukoor because he has the vision and the skill sets required to move us forward. I am proud to know him. I am proud to cast my vote for him.

Bill Jones, Bowie

Friday, July 30, 2010

Introductions, a Letter to the Editor, and Happy Birthday Shukoor

Hello all!

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ben Lighter, and I am the new Social Media Director for Shukoor's campaign! I'll get to what that means in just a bit. First, a little about myself.

I am a lifelong Bowie resident, and went through 3 different Prince George's County schools (Kenilworth Elementary, Benjamin Tasker Middle School and Bowie High School, for those keeping score). I'm just about to enter my sophomore year at Bethany College in Bethany, West Virginia, as a Religious Studies major. One day, I hope to become a minister. When I'm not bloggin' up a storm, I can usually be found reading, social networking, or catching up on my sleep. I should also mention I'm a proud brother of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

I came onto this campaign because I believe in Shukoor's candidacy. He is one of the most hardworking, honest, and caring individuals I can think of. I know he'll make a great delegate because of his character and ability to listen, and I'm proud to work alongside him.

As Shukoor's Social Media Director, I'm his right-hand man for all things internet. That includes Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and quite a few more things. We have come up with quite a few exciting ideas that we hope to see playing out in the coming weeks. It's gonna be great.

Speaking of great, we opened the Bowie Blade today to find a very flattering letter to the editor about Shukoor, referring to him as a "good listener", who asks "pointed questions".  The letter can be seen on under "Reader's Views, 7/29/10", or in your local Blade. Special thanks to Don Pollock for his views.

Finally, a very happy birthday to Shukoor! He turns 48 today. Forgot a card? No worries! You can send your greetings to him on our fan page on facebook! (

That's it for today. I apologize if I was a tad long-winded, We just had a lot to cover!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shukoor Ahmed for Maryland House of Delegates 23A Update

Dear Friend/Supporter -

I hope you had wonderful 4th of July weekend. I wanted to update you with the progress of our campaign has made. These are some highlights:

1) We have signed a lease for office space and currently are in the process of setting up our office at 6915 Laurel Bowie Road, Suite 250 G. We should be functional by July 12th.

2) Our website is up and running ( and we are fixing a few minor tweaks.

3) We are in the process of launching a website which will allow any citizen to make his/her own sample ballot ( We hope to roll out by middle or the end of next week. This will be a Democratic Sample Ballot for Prince George’s County.

4) We are also working with couple of smart computer programmers to build an iPhone application which will allow citizens to find polling location; verify their voter registration status and track their absentee ballot request statewide.

5) We are helping David Murray and Edward Burroughs (School Board candidates for District 1 and District 8).

6) We held a fundraiser for them and raised about $ 900 each.

7) Our sign are all over the district. We are now getting into placing smaller yard signs in the next week or so.

8) We will have a Campaign Manager and a Field Director by the end of next week.

9) We had two letters to the editors in all 3 local newspapers (Bowie-Blade News, Bowie Gazette and Laurel Leader). We have about 5 of our supporters ready to write letters to the editor.

10) Our campaign had the highest Fan/Supporters 866 and the next candidate has about 730.

11) We have assisted 6 constituents in identifying job opportunities so far.

12) We have 4 confirmed fundraisers and are on target to raise needed money to win this campaign.

13) We will have a Phone Bank by the end of next week in our office.

14) We were interviewed by Prince Georges Community Television and it was aired on 7th of July.

15) We will be opening up a lot of information about our campaign to bring transparency and empower citizens.

16) We are the most active campaign in disseminating information and opening up opportunities for several businesses to get political customers.

17) We are waving about twice a week for the last 3 weeks. We hope to begin waving 3 times a week from next week.

18) We knocked about 2100 homes already and doing an average of about 90 homes each day.

Thank you very much for all your support. Let us get the word out to all our friends and families who live District 23A.

Have a good weekend and I hope to campaign back after the Soccer Final today in an hour.


Shukoor Ahmed
Democrat for Maryland House of Delegates 23A

Thursday, July 1, 2010

City of Bowie, Business Leaders Plan Incubator Help for Start-Ups

Shukoor Ahmed has been a very active board member and Treasurer of Bowie Business Innovation Center. He is actively mentoring many businesses and entreprenuers and extended technical help from V-Empower, Inc. to build their website

Here is an article from today's Gazette:

As many as 10 local startup companies could soon be doing business in leased office space with access to services, as organizers move closer to opening a business incubator at Bowie State University this fall.

The center is an initiative by the city of Bowie in an attempt to develop its entrepreneurial culture and also diversify its business base, which right now relies heavily on retailers and commercial and residential real estate.

To date, the city has committed close to $200,000 to the project, with $109,930 paid to consultant Angle Technology Group for a 2007 feasibility study and subsequent services through February, according to the city manager's office. In March, the City Council extended the Angle contract to run from March 1 through Sept. 30 at a cost of $30,360.

The city has also budgeted an additional $50,000 for the fiscal year that started July 1.

Money coming in for the project so far is a $25,000 grant from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, a state entity in Columbia that focuses on the commercialization of technology and helping startups.

Creation of the Bowie Business Innovation Center, the nonprofit set up to oversee the center, enables the board to solicit corporate contributions to the program, and talks with businesses about support are already under way, said Lisa Smith, a consultant with the Angle Technology Group who has been working with local organizers to get the incubator up and running.

The board plans to look for professional service companies as tenants, said James Harris, a Bowie attorney who heads the BBIC board, at a public informational meeting about the project Friday at City Hall.

"That's unusual, because most incubators focus on technology," Harris said. "We wanted to have a niche, and also represent underrepresented companies."

Service companies could run the gamut from information technology, finance and telecommunications to government contractors, construction companies, home-based businesses and businesses connected to Bowie State.

Still to be resolved is how much BBIC will pay the university for the space on the second floor of BSU's Center for Business and Graduate Studies building, which opened in 2007, Harris said.

Once that is known, probably by the end of July, the board can decide how much to charge the incoming entrepreneurs for the office space and the services that will be provided by a paid staff, he said.

Services for tenants could include such things as business plan evaluation, market research, financial forecasting and access to office equipment and a conference room, according to organizers.

The BBIC program also plans to accept a number of affiliate, or non-resident, companies, who would pay a lower fee for access to services, but they would not have a space in the building.

The fees to be charged, along with the qualifications for applying, will be posted on the center's website at as decisions are made and information becomes available this summer, organizers said.

"The goal is to select companies that are innovative, growth-oriented businesses," said Smith, who added that the board expects to start soliciting applications by September.

There are no preferences being given to minority-owned businesses or students, who would be considered along with anyone else who met the criteria, Smith said. Depending on their stage of development, student businesses might instead be served by the center's affiliate program, which would still provide mentoring and training but not office space.

Bowie State sees the center as a benefit for its business students, who will have access "to entrepreneurs and their real-world business examples for case studies, class projects, lectures, and seminars," wrote Anthony Nelson, dean of the College of Business in an e-mail.

Students will also have opportunities for internships and part-time and full-time jobs, as well as "an early introduction to entrepreneurship and an opportunity to develop their own businesses," he wrote.

In return, the start-ups will have access "to subject matter experts among BSU faculty and staff, well-educated undergraduate and graduate students, and state-or-the art offices and meeting spaces," Nelson wrote

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ahmed Gets the Job Done

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share this letter which was written by my friend and Founder of Padder Foundation supporting my candidacy and was published in today's Gazette Newspaper.


I'm writing in support of Shukoor Ahmed for House of Delegates, District 23A. I've known Shukoor for 14 years and have never met such a versatile, hard working and passionate individual. As a cardiologist, businessman and philanthropist, I have interacted with lots of public officials and businessmen, but Shukoor stands out among all of them, selfless with a passion to serve. I've seen his drive and willingness to help anyone who comes in contact with him.

Shukoor has played an integral part of my family-run Padder Foundation, which runs a free medical clinic on Fridays in Laurel. He is the only non-family member on the board. Shukoor is the strategic advisor and board member who guides the policy for the foundation. He provides the technological needs, expansion of program management and outreach to the community. He is trustworthy and dependable. When he says he will do something, he indeed follows through and gets the job done.

What impresses me most about Shukoor is that although he is busy being a businessman, philanthropist and candidate for delegate, he is able to juggle through multiple tasks and follow through with all obligations. One thing that I'm surprised about is the inability of the political leadership to identify talent when they see it. Shukoor's skill, expertise, motivation and drive are badly needed. I urge you to elect him as your delegate who will look after your interests.

Feroz Padder, Laurel

District 23A Candidate Proved that he has potential as a Problem Solver

Dear Friend,

This was a letter to the editor written by my friend Robert Nelsen and we worked on


I am writing to support Shukoor Ahmed, a Democrat running for state delegate in 23A. I am a software engineer and was introduced to Shukoor by a colleague when I was trying to work with an individual or company that could help my company in streamlining our process, improve productivity, reduce our production cost and provide a technological edge.

Shukoor indeed provided us with all of this expertise and played a key role in our product development. We took the valuation of our company to a few million and he willingly played a majority role as a minority owner.

As the recession hit in 2008, we were hit badly on this venture, and as a seasoned entrepreneur, he took the losses in stride and demonstrated his temperament and leadership skills.

Although, I do not live in the district or county, I was impressed that Bowie and Prince George's County have individuals like Shukoor. He is a problem-solver, and has a good knack of identifying talented individuals and unleashing their potential. Our state needs individuals like Shukoor Ahmed in these challenging times who will solve our problems, identify opportunities and unleash the collective potential of our citizens. He is the person with those qualities.

Robert J. Nelsen


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fundraiser for David Murray & Edward Burroughs

Fundraising for David Murray & Edward Burroughs for School Board

Monday at 10:45pm

Please join me as a supporter, contributor, newspaper reporter, or elected official in a fundraiser for two young men who will be seeking an adult seat on the Prince George’s County School Board.

I have been mentoring and supporting David Murray of Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Edward Burroughs of Crossland High School. They will be seeking District 1 and District 8 seats respectively.

You can access information about their candidacy by clicking on the following links:

I have helped several candidates in the last 14 years at all levels (Federal/State/County/City) and I am extremely excited to help/mentor these two young men who have done a remarkable job as student representatives at the State School Board and on the Prince George’s County School Board and will make history as the youngest school board members in the upcoming election.

Please RSVP to my daughter Raaheela Ahmed at if you will be attending their fundraiser.

Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you on:
May 29th (Saturday) at 1 PM
TJ Elliotts
6814 Laurel Bowie Road
Bowie, MD 20715

Shukoor Ahmed
Candidate for Maryland House of Delegates (23A)

An Entrepreneur/Software Engineer Endorses Ahmed for State Delegate

An Entrepreneur/Software Engineer Endorses Ahmed for State Delegate
Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 10:57am

Supports Ahmed

I am writing this letter to support Shukoor Ahmed, a Democrat running for the Maryland House of Delegates (23A). I was introduced to Shukoor by a colleague to work on a technology project which provided three-dimensional tours of golf courses to golfers.

I am a software engineer and was trying to work with an individual and/or company which could help my company in streamlining our process, improve productivity, reduce our production cost and provide a technological edge. Shukoor indeed provided us all of this expertise and played a key role in our product development.

We created the buzz and were interviewed by Wall Street, CBS and many national publications. We also took the valuation of our company to a few million. He willingly played a majority role as a minority owner. In less than a few months, as the recession hit in 2008, we were hit badly on this venture and as a seasoned entrepreneur he took the losses in stride and demonstrated his temperament and leadership skills. We eventually sold our product to another company in early 2009.

Although, I do not live in the district or county, I was impressed that the city of Bowie and Prince George's County has individuals like Shukoor. He is a problem solver, has a good knack of identifying talented individuals and unleashing their potential.

Our state needs individuals like Shukoor Ahmed in these challenging times who will solve our problems, identify opportunities and unleash the collective potential of our citizens. He is the person with those qualities.


V-Empower, Inc. is ranked 46th in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal

V-Empower, Inc. is ranked 46th in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:01am


May 17, 2010 V-Empower, Inc. of Bowie, MD ranked 46th in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal for 2010.

Shukoor Ahmed, CEO of V-Empower, Inc., is also a Candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates (District 23A).

Only 3 Companies are headquartered in Prince George’s County out of 50 in the Washington Area.Washington Business Journal had only 4 companies from Prince George’s county and 3 of them are headquartered in the county.

  • Safeway, Inc. of Lanham which is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA was ranked #1 in local giving with $ 10.47 million (0.26 % of revenue of $ 40.80 billion)
  • Mona Electric group ranked # 33 with $ 210,000 (0.3% of revenue of $ 70 million)
  • Geppetto Catering of Riverdale ranked # 40 with $ 111,000 (2.43% of revenue of 4.57 million)
  • V-Empower, Inc. of BOWIE, MD ranked # 46 with $ 32,000 (3.17% of revenue of 1.01 million)

V-Empower, Inc. was ranked 5th in local giving in 2009. Despite the changes in economy over the years and decrease in revenue, V-Empower , Inc. continually maintains a record and passion of giving back to the community, mostly in the area of Technology to non-profits, education & healthcare, and still ranking 46th in local giving in 2010.

V-Empower, Inc. also maintains a crime tracking tool for Prince George’s county citizens as“We are proud to assist several non-profits in achieving their strategic goals using technology” said Shukoor Ahmed, CEO of V-Empower, Inc.

For additional information:

Friends of AhmedKenneth Laureys (Campaign Chairman)


Phone: 301 661 6682

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive (May 8)

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive (May 8)

Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 4:34pm

Our campaign is supporting Letter Carrier's Food Drive on May 8th. Please put your non-perishable donation in a bag by your mailbox. Your postman will pick it up on May 8th. It will be delivered to a local food bank.

We are teaming up with Postal Service, Campbells, Valpak, United Way, AFL-CIO & Feeding America. We have already gotten the word out via VALPAK to about 45,000 District 23A residents.

Thank you and let us donate non-perishable items on 8th of May.

Shukoor Ahmed

V-Empower, Inc.'s 1st Quarter 2010 & 2009 Update

V-Empower, Inc.'s 1st Quarter 2010 & 2009 Update
Monday, April 26, 2010 at 11:02pm

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well. I have not had the opportunity to fully update you in the last 3 to 4 months. Our company went through a lot of challenges in the last 6 months. Also, I had to make a decision to seek a public office or not. I wanted to thank my spouse, kids, my siblings, in-laws, parents, clients, investors, friends and contributors who stuck with me and our company in difficult times. We could not have done it without your help, guidance and support.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on some of our major accomplishments in the last 6 months:
  • Successful audit by Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
  • Successful audit by Washington State Revenue Authority (Identified about $ 2128 in back taxes/we are looking at our books and will hopefully resolve it within a week or so)
  • Successful transfer of ownership of 2 companies to my colleagues (V-Empower, Inc will be a minority owner and help my friends to grow these companies & expand)
  • In negotiation to transfer 3 of our products to companies who have the bandwidth to enhance/market/sell in this tough economy. We had a whole lot on our plate and needed these partnerships
  • Turned 4 of our employees into entrepreneurs/partner/owners effective March 1, 2010
  • We are positioned to be one of the Philanthropic companies in Washington area (scheduled to announce in mid May, 2010). We had ranked 5th in charitable giving in the Washington Metro area by Business Journal in 2009
  • We are about 1/5th from our peak time in 2006 (Revenue of % 5.34 million in 2006 to $1.02 million in 2009)
  • We are extremely focused in the following areas: (Information Security, Share point (Microsoft Product), Open Source (PHP/Drupal/Joomla), Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web-based solutions, iPhone Applications, Facebook Applications & Linkedin Applications
  • We are also in the initial stages of two big ideas (these are going to be web-based solutions, and
  • We have signed up about 3 new good customers recently this month.
  • We are in negotiations with few good companies to be their sub-contractors in areas of our expertise

We took heavy losses in the last 18 months and I believe, we are on an upswing. I have gotten a lot of things organized to seek Democratic Nomination for the Maryland House of Delegates (23A). We raised about $46,000 so far and I am hoping to raise about $ 60,000 more to be competitive. It is an open seat and I had gotten a little behind, but we are determined to get our message out, earn support of my citizens, win in the primary and effectively serve from January 2011. Most of you are following me on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. I will need your support. You can also visit my personal websites: (Will be functional by 30th of April) (Personal)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email and I am committed to serving my citizens, help our customers, empower our employees & fellow entrepreneurs. This down side has taught me very valuable lessons and I am pretty sure will bring the best in me and among us.

Have a good day

Shukoor Ahmed

Shukoor Ahmed Announcees Canddiacy for State Delegate (23A)

Shukoor Ahmed Announces Candidacy for State Delegate (23A)

Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 3:53am

April 1, 2010

Shukoor Ahmed Announces Candidacy for State Delegate (23A)
Candidate will focus on quality of life issues and promote a small-business friendly agenda

BOWIE, MD – Small-business owner Shukoor Ahmed today announced his candidacy for the District 23A seat in the Maryland House of Delegates.

On deciding to launch his campaign, Shukoor said, “In these trying times, the citizens of District 23A need a strong advocate with proven leadership abilities. I am confident that my background as an entrepreneur and technologist will enable me to be an effective voice of District 23A in Annapolis.”

Shukoor has been active in public and community service for almost two decades and has volunteered with such diverse causes as Lutheran Social Services, Winter Haven Homeless Shelter, State Democracy Foundation and the Ayesha & Ali Padder Foundation. He has also been engaged in various political campaigns including Obama for America (2008), Ike Leggett for County Executive (2006) and Bill Bradley for President (2000). He has also served as the Vice President of the Governor Oden Bowie Democratic Club.

Shukoor runs his own IT consulting company and knows the daily challenges faced by small businesses. Meeting a payroll and providing healthcare for employees are just two areas where he intends to apply his business experience in serving the residents of District 23A. His involvement as a Board Member of the Bowie Business Innovation Center is one example of how he brings an innovative approach towards creating jobs and supporting small business.

Among the key areas he will focus on during this campaign: pursuing a jobs-creation agenda, supporting public education, encouraging innovative approaches to address transportation issues, and promoting government transparency initiatives. He firmly believes in positioning District 23A as a premiere location for growing existing businesses and attracting new ones.

Shukoor obtained his Masters in Public Policy from American University. He and his wife Nabeela, a pharmacist, set up roots in Bowie upon getting married in 1988. Their two daughters attend Eleanor Roosevelt & Bowie High Schools.

Visit Shukoor’s campaign website – – updates will be added shortly.

For additional information:
Friends of AhmedKenneth Laureys (Campaign Chairman)
Phone: 301 661 6682

Maryland House of Delegates/Campaign Update

Maryland House of Delegates/Campaign Update
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 3:17pm
Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining and/or becoming my Fan. I filed my candidacy for Maryland House of Delegates on March 10th (last Wednesday). Here is a quick update on our campaign:

1) Filed candidacy for Maryland House of Delegates (23A)
2) Raised $ 38,345 as of (1/13/2010)
3) Working on launching our website (probably by early next week).
4) Working on our voter file/database
5) Have few important meetings with key advisors this week
6) Annouce the candidacy early next week through press release
7) Have a kick-off event late April or early May
8) Begin weekly strategy/campaign meeting (working on a day/location)

We are hoping to update you every 3rd day or so. I would be looking for your advise and input as we continue listenting to the citizens and have leadership which will unleash the collective potential of all us in this tough economic times.

Thank you very much.

Please ask your friends/family/colleagues to join our Fan page. Have a wonderful day.