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Friday, August 6, 2010

Praise for Ahmed (8/5/10)

Another Letter to the Editor in support of Shukoor! From this weeks Bowie Blade:

Praise for Ahmed

I have never written to any newspaper editorial page before but there is something I must say. Until recently, Shukoor Ahmed was just a strange name on a sign for a candidate running for state delegate. Several months ago I got to know Shukoor at the Bowie Incubator meeting and invited him and others to a technology workshop I was having for candidates running for office. Shukoor arrived, listened to my pitch on how technology could help campaigns, and then stayed to share many areas of his technological expertise with me.
While I was struggling with marketing, financing, staffing, etc., it was refreshing to speak with someone who knew my struggles. Next, he invited me to have breakfast where he continued to divulge his experience, which I absorbed like a sponge. This vast wealth of knowledge was being bestowed at no cost but just because he wanted to see others succeed in their endeavors.
For the past several weeks, he has continued to help me and my company by introducing me to several of his contacts, which have proven beneficial, as well as inviting me to business networking groups, forums and other events; all this while never once asking a thing from me.
Shukoor truly understands what it takes for a small business owner, like me, struggling to survive and grow during these economically depressing times.
I urge you to take the time to learn who Shukoor Ahmed is and what he represents. He has done a lot for me and I am confident you will find him to be a candidate who is different, like his name, and needed in the state legislature during these difficult times.

We at the Shukoor campaign really appreciate words of support like this.

Remember: You can ask Shukoor questions at!


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