Authorized by Friends of Ahmed, Treasurer David W.Whyte

Monday, August 30, 2010

More About Ahmed

Letter Written in support of Shukoor Ahmed for State Delegate

I met Shukoor Ahmed years ago while he was campaigning in Lanham and have been following him ever since. I've found that he has a moderate stand on most of the issues. His views seem to be in sync with most of us who live in this county. He has consistently supported parental choice in public schools, supported the ICC, and supported finding new revenues for education. I, as a businessman, trust him to be a good custodian of our taxes. As an executive of a small business in an economy which is heavily technology and innovation driven, Shukoor would be an ideal delegate who would bring new ideas and better solutions to Annapolis. We've had a lot of people who have been in office for years and have lost touch with the public. Now is the time to elect an "outsider," someone who has not held an elected office before, someone like you and me, who can understand our needs and relate to us.



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