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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahmed Will Move County Forward

Dear Citizen,

This was a letter written by a former Prince George's County School System Administator who resides in Bowie.

Thank you & Have a good weekend


I wholeheartedly endorse the election of Shukoor Ahmed to serve as a state delegate in District 23A. I have worked closely with him in trying to protect and safeguard not only the rights of people in his district but throughout the county.

As a small business owner, I can tell you of the countless hours he has spent pouring over data, analyzing situations and agonizing over budgets. He understands the plight of the small business owner, but more than that, he has empathy for those who have lost their jobs, as he recalls his own anguish in having to reduce his staff. Shukoor has a genuine concern for people, and he views each situation as a challenge and rises to meet the challenge.

We all know that these are challenging times, and so, more than ever before, we need Shukoor because he has the vision and the skill sets required to move us forward. I am proud to know him. I am proud to cast my vote for him.

Bill Jones, Bowie

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