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Friday, October 1, 2010

Brotherly Appreciation

I want to thank several hundred voters who voted early at Bowie Library & on Election Day at Woodmoore Elementary School. Shukoor Ahmed is my oldest brother and has been an inspiration to our whole family and did the right thing at every important juncture. He certainly has inspired over 100 volunteers on the importance of giving it back to the community.

We ran a wonderful campaign without any political support from the leadership. While campaigning, he helped many entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, citizens and candidates. He developed which allowed citizens to make their own ballots vs ballots designed by candidates. He also helped two young men Edward Burroughs & David Murray to run for School Board.

One of the most impressive aspects of his campaign was the frugality and efficiency of the campaign. He raised about $ 56,000 and I was instrumental in raising $ 34,000 and he did not want to waste hard earned money of his supporters. As a businessman, he had helped many of his friends, employees and customers in numerous ways. There was an outpouring of money and he felt that a race for House of Delegates can be won by $ 25,000.

Two days after elections he asked me return the money of those contributors and I realized that we needed individuals like Shukoor Ahmed at all levels of government who would do their best to maximize return on our tax dollars and take every opportunity to help citizens.

Hadi Ahmed
Columbia, Maryland

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