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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ahmed Gets the Job Done

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share this letter which was written by my friend and Founder of Padder Foundation supporting my candidacy and was published in today's Gazette Newspaper.


I'm writing in support of Shukoor Ahmed for House of Delegates, District 23A. I've known Shukoor for 14 years and have never met such a versatile, hard working and passionate individual. As a cardiologist, businessman and philanthropist, I have interacted with lots of public officials and businessmen, but Shukoor stands out among all of them, selfless with a passion to serve. I've seen his drive and willingness to help anyone who comes in contact with him.

Shukoor has played an integral part of my family-run Padder Foundation, which runs a free medical clinic on Fridays in Laurel. He is the only non-family member on the board. Shukoor is the strategic advisor and board member who guides the policy for the foundation. He provides the technological needs, expansion of program management and outreach to the community. He is trustworthy and dependable. When he says he will do something, he indeed follows through and gets the job done.

What impresses me most about Shukoor is that although he is busy being a businessman, philanthropist and candidate for delegate, he is able to juggle through multiple tasks and follow through with all obligations. One thing that I'm surprised about is the inability of the political leadership to identify talent when they see it. Shukoor's skill, expertise, motivation and drive are badly needed. I urge you to elect him as your delegate who will look after your interests.

Feroz Padder, Laurel

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