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Monday, June 28, 2010

District 23A Candidate Proved that he has potential as a Problem Solver

Dear Friend,

This was a letter to the editor written by my friend Robert Nelsen and we worked on


I am writing to support Shukoor Ahmed, a Democrat running for state delegate in 23A. I am a software engineer and was introduced to Shukoor by a colleague when I was trying to work with an individual or company that could help my company in streamlining our process, improve productivity, reduce our production cost and provide a technological edge.

Shukoor indeed provided us with all of this expertise and played a key role in our product development. We took the valuation of our company to a few million and he willingly played a majority role as a minority owner.

As the recession hit in 2008, we were hit badly on this venture, and as a seasoned entrepreneur, he took the losses in stride and demonstrated his temperament and leadership skills.

Although, I do not live in the district or county, I was impressed that Bowie and Prince George's County have individuals like Shukoor. He is a problem-solver, and has a good knack of identifying talented individuals and unleashing their potential. Our state needs individuals like Shukoor Ahmed in these challenging times who will solve our problems, identify opportunities and unleash the collective potential of our citizens. He is the person with those qualities.

Robert J. Nelsen


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